So you want to know more about me, eh?

I suppose that makes sense after all you are on a website that I created. If you somehow ended up on this site and have no interest in me or the ramblings I have placed here simply close the browser and go about your life. Otherwise, read on.

Who am I?

Ok so I am Tim Nugent and I am a variety of things:

  • Tech book author
  • Mobile app and game designer and developer
  • Doctor (the PhD kind, not the save lives kind)
  • Arguer
  • Have been asked "what is wrong with you?" many times
  • Once had an argument with a professional Crossword Constructor
  • Contract iOS developer (buzz me on here if you want some work done)

What is this site?

I made this site so I could have a spot to put all my weird thoughts and complaints when I have them, if you want to see them, check out the blog.